International data

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International benchmark of entrepreneurship
This dataset contains time series data (1995-2006) about firm entry and exit in nine major European economies, Japan and the USA.

New entrepreneurship international (GEM)
Aggregate data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) are on-line available on this website. The GEM database contains harmonized data for more than 40 countries regarding early-stage entrepreneurial activity and features of entrepreneurship. The national GEM reports for the Netherlands can also be downloaded from this website. The Global reports are available at

Entrepreneurs international (Compendia)
The dataset COMPENDIA contains harmonized data on the number of business owners and the business ownership rate (number of business owners as share of labour force) for 30 OECD countries over the period 1970-2007. The acronym COMPENDIA stands for "COMParative ENtrepreneurship Data for International Analysis". Business ownership rates have been made comparable across countries and over time. For that purpose figures from official OECD statistics have been corrected for deviating business ownership definitions and for trend breaks.